Who owns the "Pink Castle" on Lipki?

This is a very recent photo of the Gothic house on Kiev Lipki (19 Shelkovichnaya St.). Who has been there in recent years will immediately guess what has changed. And who does not know, the clue is in the next photo.

This architectural masterpiece of Nikolai Vishnevsky appeared on Pechersk in 1901 not by chance. His customer is Baron Ikskül-Guildenbanda, a native of the Baltic states, and Gothic is the style of his homeland, his childhood.

In Kiev at the beginning of the 20th century there were special requirements for new projects: the more expensive and more beautiful, the faster you can get a building permit. Therefore, Vishnevsky did the best. He used all the possible elements of the Gothic style with a very convincing excuse: to please the owner, and quickly obtain a building permit.

Just try to list all the elements: pointed pedestals, hanging columns, lancet windows and the English front door portal ... Who will continue?

The final touch of the master is the shrimp-pink color of the facade. It is because of him that Kievans call this house: “Pink Castle” or “Gingerbread House”.

In Soviet times, the building was nationalized. If in the beginning of the 20th century this style was called “Historicism” in Kiev, then for the Soviet era it was сalled “architectural excesses”, they were usually removed, but people living on Lipki were far from simple (for example, the poet Nikolai BAZHAN is a bard of Soviet ideology), therefore, the turrets remained in place until they themselves collapsed.

At the end of the last century, tenants were resettled from the house under the pretext of restoration, the building was fenced with a green building fence and for about twenty years it (the fence) hid this beauty from us. That's it, the repair is over, we’re going to admire, especially since we have an excellent excursion along this route “Government district”.

Since 2010, Haiduk has disappeared from the political scene. But in 2013, according to Forbes, he owned $ 526 million (18th place in the ranking of “100 richest Ukrainian businessmen”).

By the way, the magnificent lobby was preserved in this house for a long time, in which scenes from the film “Adjutant of His Excellency” were shot. Now the lobby is no worse, because in the house, they say, will open a premium hotel.

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