Kievan legends. Who founded Kyiv?

Updated: May 20, 2020

One of the most ancient fairytale (legend) of Kiev is the story about our founders family.

Its main heroes - KYI, CHEEK, HORIV and their sister LYBID.

This legend is written by a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in one of the first documents of Kievan Rus - Primal chronicles. Do u remember his name?

Nobody knows for sure from where and how this family appeared in kiev lands. Someone believes that KYI was a simple carrier through the Dnipro river. Others believe that he was a prince of the "Polyane" tribe, and his family accordingly - princely ..

Most historians today refuse to see the founders of Kyiv in this male trinity. After all, their names are contained in Bible, which Nestor the chronicler unequivocally carefully studied.

In the third chapter of it well known Sinai mountain called - Horiv.

The name "KYI" by researchers is raised to Slavic words in the sense of "staff, rod, wooden hammer".

The name "Cheek" is interpreted as "the serpent."

Only with "Lybid" everything is clear and understandable. This word translation is a swan. Beautiful, loyal, regal bird ..

Mountain, staff, snake and bird. An interesting company turned out, right?

No one know whether there is even a drop of truth in this tale.. But this family is still considered to be the founders of the city with a 1500-year history. And the monument that you see in the photo - stands on the bank of the Dnipro-river and is one of the symbols of the Ukrainian capital ..

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