What to try in Kiev

Often guests of Kiev don't want just Ukrainian cuisine, but something unusual. Many have already tried dumplings, borsch, pancakes and lard. You won’t be surprised at this, especially since in our century of globalization there are restaurants with Ukrainian cuisine in many countries of the world🥂

🍎In this case, I have in my arsenal a super offer: the legacy of Soviet Ukraine. I suggest going to a restaurant and celebrating “New Year's Eve in Soviet style”, and it doesn’t matter what time of year is on the street🥂🍾🥂

😜 We go our best to came up with fun and tasty entertainment for you, so keep it in your bookmarks so as not to lose😉

Absolutely everyone likes the idea, we choose a convenient place, since many Kiev restaurants and cafes have these dishes in their menu. Residents of the post-Soviet space have already guessed exactly what it was about😜.⠀

💥So I suggest you try💥

‼ Salad “Olivier”

‼ Herring under a fur coat

‼ And of course sparkling wine

🍎 The history of these salads, the secrets of the most delicious recipes, I reveal to the guests while they enjoy “New Year's Eve dinner”, and for dessert we usually have “Kiev Cake”, you can try it only in Kiev. Do not believe? Come see for yourself.🍾🥂🍾

And to intrigue you a little, read the history of Olivier salad.

The famous salad appeared in the mid-19th century thanks to the culinary abilities of Lucien Olivier, who arrived from France to conquer Russia. He became the owner of the famous restaurant "Hermitage" in Moscow. Visitors were extremely demanding, and the dishes were very tasty.

Soon, none of the restaurant's guests could do without ordering Olivier salad, it was cooked by a French chef personally and he did not reveal the secret of cooking to anyone.

Unfortunately, the true salad recipe remained unknown. We only got a list of ingredients: grouse meat, crab tails, veal tongue, beluga caviar, exquisite white sauce. But the eggs, potatoes and pickles served only as a decor for the French salad.

Soon, the Russian empire was shocked by revolutionary events and everyone forgot about the salad for almost 50 years. But then it was reanimated, while the name remained unchanged, the ingredients have undergone significant evolution. Decor became the basis, but we had to forget about the real basic ingredients (in the Soviet Union there was no time for delights). Nevertheless, the salad has become the country's most popular New Year's dish.

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