Verkhovna Rada- can talk funny

Today I was asked a riddle, to tell about the sights of Kyiv with the letter "R", just passing by, and I just happened to be at the building of the Verkhovna Rada (translation into English the Government building).


In 1935, the authorities of the Soviet Ukraine moved to Kyiv from Kharkov and occupied the Mariinsky Palace, for lack of anything better. But there were not enough rooms for the deputies, and Queen Elizabeth Petrovna did not foresee a ballroom, so that all the deputies could have enough space (not for balls, of course, for sessions) and therefore it was decided to build a special building next to the palace.

‼ ️In 1939, the building was accepted by the state commission with an "excellent" rating. Its author, Vladimir ZABOLOTNY, was awarded the Stalin Prize in 1940 and was appointed the chief architect of Kyiv. And the building of the Verkhovna Rada is becoming an example of "Ukrainian architectural classics". It is crowned with a dome made of metal and glass, which survived even during the bombing of the Second World War. To prevent it from becoming a bright target for enemy aircraft, it was covered with paint.

😉 I'm in a cheerful mood today, so I'll tell you some funny stories about this serious building:

is an amazing city, there are many energetically strong places, both positive and negative. All people of Kyiv know that there are thirteen Bald Hills, where magic happens. And one of the strong negative places is the vicinity of the Verkhovna Rada. Is this the reason for the frequent fist fights among the deputies?

And many people probably remember the events of 2011, when a rally of Afghans and Chernobyl victims gathered under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada against the abolition of benefits. Several Afghans broke into the building's foyer. After this event, the deputies got scared and hid behind the fence. This fence was broken many times and stubbornly installed again, a new fence usually appeared only under cover of night (well, is it not magic?).

2️⃣There is a version that the 75-year-old head of the Soviet Union state Leonid Brezhnev turned out to be the most important guest of this building during Soviet Ukraine - a super-modern Finnish elevator was specially

installed for him so that the feeble head of the decrepit state could safely get to the second floor. (I have no way of checking if the elevator still exists?)

And modern deputies dine in a building located across the Grushevskyi street. At the same time, they do not have to stand at a traffic light. A comfortable underground passage was arranged for them.

3️⃣The people of Kiev are amazing people, they can talk funny even about serious things. A funny story on this topic: ⠀

There are three domed buildings in Kiev that are not churches: ⠀

🤣 this is the first Central Rada (now the building of the Teacher's House,

in this building the first government of Ukraine was located) ⠀

🤣 today's Verkhovna Rada and ⠀

🤣CIRCUS, and the inhabitants of these buildings are no different.

P.S. For those who suddenly forgot who is using this building:

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is a unicameral parliament of Ukraine, consisting of 450 people's deputies and the only legislative body of state power.

The Verkhovna Rada forms the government of the country - the Cabinet of Ministers - and exercises control over its activities.

‼ ️ Interested? Continuation of the stories about Pecherski Lypky, come to listen on our excursion "Government district"

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