Monument of Love in Kiev. Mokrina and Luigi

May is a right time to remember at least one of the touching story that happened during World War 2. But as i am in a such a romantic mood, it's gonna be Love story.

In the Italian town of Castel San Lorenzo - (near Solerno) and my beautiful hero-city - Kyiv, there are identical monuments dedicated to one amazing love story.

This story began in the Austrian camp for military prisoners at the Glanstof factory in 1943. When Mokrina, a girl from Soviet Ukraine with a baby in her arms, meets a young Italian soldier, Luigi. He is 21 years old, she is 23.

Their eyes met. And they fell in love. Right there, under fire, in hunger and the daily threat of death. He called Mokrina Maria and at every possible moment kissed dimples on her cheeks. Luigi hid rare delicacies to feed her small daughter.

When in May 1945, Soviet forces liberated the city and all prisoners of war were to leave, Luigi proposed Maria. First he tried to go with her to Ukraine. Soviets didn't let him. He tried to bring her to Italy. But there were also the wall. They were separated for 60 years!

In 2004 Luigi, asked for help from the TV-program “Wait For Me” to find her.

Can you imagine,after 60 years she was alive!

Mokrina was found in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Both - over 80, widowed for a long time, with children and grandchildren, met in a television program studio. They cried and laughed with happiness. He kissed her dimples and did not let her out of her arms. All these years he kept a lock of her hair.

For almost 10 years he was coming with gifts to visit Mokrin and Nadia. Once he even persuaded Mary to visit Italy. He is the president of the Veterans Association, a former financial police marshal, honorary cavalier of the republic, and continued to persuade Mokrina to marry him and live with him. When she refused, he was going to buy a house in a Ukrainian village, just to stay - near beloved woman.

In August 2013, Luigi, in his full dress, attended the opening of the monument, which depicts Mokrina in his arms. Monument dedicated to love that survived the years, distances, wars ..

A few months later he was gone. After a few years, she also left

On the eve of the next Victory Day, the Inter (TV) channel installed the same monument “of love” in the hometown of Luigi - Castel San Lorenzo.

An example of these 2 shows that true sincere feelings are stronger than time, boundaries, age. Love does not see wrinkles and gray hair. Love - just that fairy-tale, cinematic, song, incredible Love - exist! ❤

P.S. As will be in Kiev, find a monument, touch it - and you will find your love and always be together😉

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