Gold of Kyiv bank

Perhaps one of the most unique buildings in Kiev is the building of the National Bank of Ukraine.

And there are several reasons for this:

1️⃣ the country's finances are an important ⠀ component of a successful state⠀

2️⃣the exterior of the building is striking in its magnificence⠀

3️⃣colorful stories about this building can be typed on a full tour.⠀

But let's start everything from the very beginning

☀️In the second half of the 19th century, st. Institutskaya became the financial artery of the city. The stock exchange, bank office, credit companies were located here. There was an artery, but no worthy heart - it was not good.

☀️And by 1905 a new bank building appeared. Its authors Alexander Kobelev, Alexander Verbitsky, and the sculptor Elio Salja did the best: you see a rich combination of Italian Gothic and Renaissance. ⠀

The facade is decorated with:⠀

🌹 griffins - guarding the gold of the Scythians;⠀

🌹on the balconies - lions embodying power;⠀

🌹the bank was built as a two-storey building, after 30 years it was enlarged , and in 1934 two more floors were added, therefore there are two dates on the facade.

Let's look inside sanctuary of the financial world today. The operating room is as beautiful as the facade. Ancient gods in the form of sculptures are watching everything that happens in the bank. (For example, Athena tries to inspire bankers to work with wisdom.) The glass ceiling of the hall is decorated with an image of Archangel Michael, the patron of Kyiv.

🌹 The bank has a patio:⠀

In the old days, it smelled of ... roses. The air was supplied to the National Bank from the rose garden using special ventilation. Now there is no rose garden, but you can see a cozy garden hause and a fountain. And next to it is a peasant hut . The house in the patio was built during the time of Independence. Inside the hut, you can hold negotiations and even have a snack.

Cellar: The bank also has underground cellar. It contains gold reserves. And locks were recently improved there.

‼ ️ When you go inside, you understand that everything is very strict with the security. Therefore, if suddenly someone had an idea: "Shall I rob a bank?" - don't think. There is a more legal way to get hold of the bank's gold, and I will share this secret with you.

I will describe a little the general picture of events: Imagine:

September 1941. For more than two months now, the defense of Kiev had been going on. But according to the decision of the first secretary of the Central Committee of Ukraine Nikita Khrushchev, it was decided not to export the gold reserves from the capital, but to hide the gold more reliably in Kiev itself, since "victory over the enemy will be quick."

The gold was hidden, but somehow this secret became known to the enemy.

A group of spies was thrown into Kiev, they stole from the bank director's safe a map of a secret underground cellar where the gold reserve was located. But an event happened that crossed out the plans of the enemies.

A military patrol captured a spy who was part of this group. In the basement of the security committee, Major Sysoev obtained information from him which we already known .

The major, having reported "to the seniors", received a combat order to export the gold reserves to Kharkov.

The operation was carried out as secretly as possible. At night on September 19, 1941, two trucks left Kiev, in which there were boxes, and in them: Four thousand two hundred twenty kilograms of 999 fine gold and five hundred and seven kilograms of assorted jewelry.

In the area of ​​the village of Berezan (80 km. From Kiev), the column was attacked. A battle ensued, the golden trucks miraculously escaped. Sysoev decided to hide the gold.

Having reliably disguised the treasures, the squad tried to break through the encirclement, but could not, everyone died. However, Major Sysoev managed to escape from the "Kiev boiler" on his own.

And the treasure map was delivered to Nikita Khrushchev. But this is not the end of the story:

On March 11, 1943, a Soviet pilot, Leonid Khrushchev, took off on a combat mission and ended up in German captivity.

His father, Nikita Khrushchev, decides to take a desperate step. Through the agent of Soviet intelligence service- the Polish prince Janusz Radziwill, the commander of the aviation of the Third Reich, Heinrich Goering, was offered a ransom - pure gold. Goering agreed …

Do you want to know what happened next? Came to our tour “Government district”.

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