Welcome to the site about Kyiv! 


My name is Julia, and I represent the tour agency “I love my city. Kyiv”, which we created together with Valentina.


We are - family duet: mother and daughter working on one case. We tell the most interesting stories about Kyiv to anyone who is ready to listen.


Each of us has its own superpower and passion and here I want to tell you a little bit about us and what do we do.

It's simple. 

I love to tell and to listen to interesting stories. It all began with a bedtime tale for my twin-brothers when I was 13 years old. I learn how to find new connections and work with the plot when I was asked to tell about Harry Potter, Baba Yaga, and Spiderman at one time.


I graduated from law school but for a long time, I worked as a corporate business coach. I always liked to inspire people, to charge them on positive emotions. The only thing I didn't like in my previous job is to sit all day in the office. 


I was drawing all my life.  And the most important thing I learned in an art school is the ability to listen and understand the language of the artist. I am talking to houses, landscapes and people's faces. It sounds strange, but in my work strangeness are only welcomed) 


My superpower is flexibility. And although I don't sit on the twine, I understand that my guests can enjoy absolutely different things. Therefore, during the tour I do not follow a strict plan, I can rebuild the program during a tour. To help guests buy tickets to the theater, show a secret cafe and drink with guests coffee during the tour. 


The main goal for me is not to give the history lesson, but to give positive emotions, create the right mood and impression, share love and passion, show the city as I see it.” 

Planning a tour on weekends or on vacation, it is important to choose your own, correct guide, besides the necessary route. After all, we (guides) are not dollars, we can not be liked by everyone. So here are some facts about me.


Why am I a guide? Because I am a passionate traveler. 


My first trip was a trip to Kyiv, that I made at 15, together with my friend from technical school (when we saved enough money). It was Love from the first side. Then there were dozens of more trips in my life: Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Austria, China, the island of Bali and even South Africa (and this is not a complete list yet). 


I can talk about every trip for hours, and every time I usually end with the thought: "Where have we not been yet, where we will go next time?" 


Once in Rome, my really wise guide said to my friend who was making notes about the tour: "Numbers, dates, surnames, you can find at the Internet, and now enjoy the beauty of the city and my story."  This phrase I use as my motto. So my main goal to make joyful and bright excursions.


I’m also a mother of three children, and I know what it means to “tune in” to the right wave, try to enjoy rap music (from Vadim’s son), listen to opera arias and HEAR (with your beloved daughter), and also figure out football matches and “cheer” with son Dimka. 

  • arrange transfer to hotel/airport/train station

Moreover, we can meet you in person and take/bring in my private car. In this case, during the trip, I will have time to share basic information about the city and attractions.

Or I will send you a driver with a car of this size and class that suits you.


  • show the city and all its attractions in one of our 13 tours. Among which:

✔“7 Wonders of Kyiv”,

✔“Ancient Kyiv”,

✔“Government Quarter”, 

✔“Podil Love Stories”,

✔“Secrets of St. Andrew's Descent and Podil”, 

✔“Kievan Paris”,

✔“12 Christmas Stories”,

✔“Wedding Madness in Old Kyiv”,

✔“Fortress. Monastery. Nalivka”,

✔“Tour to St. Sofia”,

✔“Tour to the Lavra and Caves”, 

"Tour to Philarmonic theater"

ART tour

"Magic in Kyiv" tour




Soon in our program will appear: “Helicopter tour”, “Yacht tour”, Art tour of Podil” and “Old Town Excursion, a shooting range tour, Kyiv catacombs, tank training ground, “Cocktail tour”

  • organize interesting excursions in Lviv and Odessa


  • Be the best friend in an unfamiliar city for you or your guests!

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